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The Bega Valley Data Collective has launched the ‘Measuring What Matters in the Bega Valley Community Survey’. Your voice matters and this survey is all about capturing what’s important to YOU in making informed decisions that shape our community.

Click on the survey, it’s quick, it’s easy, and it will help make a real difference.

The survey is asking the community what truly matters. Based on the Measuring What Matters Framework, the survey will help the development of an online platform on wellbeing specific to the Bega Valley. This vital information will be available to local groups to help guide decision-making around funding and services needed in the community.

“The Bega Valley Data Collective feels immensely proud when we see all the wonderful things that our community is doing to improve wellbeing and make the Bega Valley a healthier, more secure, sustainable, and prosperous region. Measuring What Matters in the Bega Valley will help support informed decisions that reflect our collective aspirations and values.” said President of the Bega Valley Data Collective, Mr Tim Whitaker

This important initiative will support community projects with the necessary data to make their funding requests more persuasive to agencies and government, it will also enable the community to track progress and share inspiring success stories about projects that are making a difference to wellbeing in the Bega Valley.

The Bega Valley Data Collective invites all community members to participate in this short survey so their insights and aspirations can help shape the future of the Bega Valley.

The Measuring What Matters in the Bega Valley Project is part of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal’s (FRRR) Investing in Rural Community Futures (IRCF) program in partnership with the Bega Valley Shire Council. This project has been funded by the Australian Government.

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